The Green Shakes Story


In 2004, Green Shakes Creator Eric Mydland a successful entrepreneur and father of a three-year old son received a wake up call. Long days and a poor diet left him 50lbs overweight with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Wanting a more permanent and healthy solution than medication, Eric began juicing. But the time and effort it took to wash, cut and juice the produce was not convenient.

One day he decided to blend the whole fruits and vegetables and create a shake. After six weeks of drinking the green shake, Eric was shocked to discover he had lost 25 lbs and two pant sizes. A visit to his doctor confirmed that both his blood pressure and cholesterol were in a healthy range. With renewed energy, Eric could play with his son teaching him scuba diving and other sports and manage his demanding career.

Months later and a total weight loss of 50 lbs, Eric began researching and developing unique green shake blends to support the health and well-being of other families. And Eric’s son, now a teenager, is proud to have his fit father pick him up at school. What began as a simple drink has changed Eric’s life forever. Now he wants to share it with everyone.