• Is everything I need to make a green shake included?
    Just add one cup of ice. Everything else is included.
  • Why are green shakes better than juicing?
    Greens shakes are better than juicing for several reasons. First, you save time because the produce selection, washing, and cutting, often time consuming prep, has been done for you. Second, you save money because you receive 2 – 3 times the volume of drink in green shake as opposed to the limited volume extracted when juicing. And last, but most important you get maximum nutrition (including much needed protein and iron) from eating the “whole” fruit or vegetables in green shakes. When you just drink juice you run the risk of increased blood sugar levels.
  • How were the specific ingredients selected?
    The ingredients were selected to address the most common issues that compromise wellbeing: lack of energy, unhealthy weight, forgetfulness, compromised immune systems, and much more.
  • Why are there two bags?
    All items in the green shakes are living breathing organisms. The natural gases certain fruit releases are harmful to leafy green vegetables. Greens need oxygen to survive and fruit naturally release ethylene gases. The fruit are placed in an inner bag to protect the greens from the gases.
  • Why do you leave the skin (rinds) on the fruit and vegetables?
    It’s a proven fact that skins usually contain more nutritional value than any other part of fruit or vegetable. The meat holds more of the sugars while the skins provide the nutrients.
  • How do you know these fruits and vegetables support health and well-being?
    Information on the benefits of the fruits and vegetables has been sourced from the USDA. For more information, refer to the USDA national Nutrient Database at the website http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ jointly developed by the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory and the Food and Nutrition Information Center, and the Information Systems Division of the National Agricultural Library.
  • How can I make my green shake sweeter?
    To naturally sweeten your green shake, add 10 red seedless grapes. Another ways to sweeten the shake include adding a teaspoon of honey or agave.